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Name:Joe Kramer
I like threesomes. Traditional, two-person pairings are boring. Disagree all you want, but don't be a hater, kay? Good.

I also enjoy love nets provided I can make every side interconnect.

Interests (131):

adventure time, angel sanctuary, anime, annoying martina, annoying zach, avoiding teenage stalkers, beer, being a cool big bro, being awesome, being well-adjusted, beware the nice ones, big happy families, bishoujo, bishounen, bleach, booze, boy meets world, brain power'd, bright orange boxers, canon shmanon, cartoons, clamp, coffee, college, cori falls sucks, corny jokes, dammit mittens!, eevees, elitism sucks, everwood, excel saga, family matters, final fantasy, fire emblem, fluff, foursomes, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, gangbangs, gatorade, gordon is a twat, group sex, gundam wing, headdesking at steve, het, hot pockets, hot sex, humoring ashlii, incest, instilling confidence in molly, internet memes, jackknives, janet is awesome, jeb, julia's a sweetie, junk food, keeping pants on, keeping sue in check, kicking rod, knife nut, late-night game sessions, laughing at fandumb, laughing at idiots, love nets, lyra, making fun of trisha, manga, maxie, maxie = awesome, missy's a jackoff, molly, not stray cows, orgies, ot3s, otps are boring, picking on esmeralda, picking on lucy, pissing off bridget, pizza, pokemon, poking the batshit, polyamory, polygamy, ponies rule, porn, protecting kate, ramen, ranma 1/2, reassuring people, riling cassie up, rod's a dork, sailor bimbo's a moron, sailormoon, sane people, saved by the bell, sex, shannon's a cute sis, simon's an awesome smartass, snark, soda, sorcerer hunters, standing up for syrius, stephanie, stephanie rocks the house, stfu patrick, stiletto knives, super mario bros, swiss army knives, switchblades, talking like a surfer, taunting lucy with macros, taunting michelle, teasing rod, teasing sue, three's company, threesome relationships, threesomes, tori, trail mix, trolling angela, trolling mittens, trolling stuart, tuxedo skank man's cool, tuxedo wank man sucks, tv, utena, videogames, wacky antics, wit, yaoi, yuri
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